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New LED adapters SYL1460

Newly in our offer you can find the power supply for LED applications as a wall mount adapter with changeable plugs. […]

Travel USB adapter SUNNY SYD1151-CUV

Do you need to charge mobile phone, smartphone, mp3 player? Get a gorgeous travel USB adapter SUNNY SYD1151-CUV.

Do you need to charge mobile phone, smartphone, mp3 player, etc. in your car?

Get a gorgeous our SYD1151-CUV USB travel adapter. You will no longer face the problem of where to plug in, but will be able to work from anywhere with your phone and other electronics.
 We can also offer the following accessories for this USB adapter-> cables with USB input.

Specifications of SYD1151-1305-CUV USB travel adapter:

Input voltage: 10 ~ 30V DC
Output voltage: 5V DC
Output current: 2500 mA
Design: automotive (cigarette) connector with LED

Dimensions: 100.3 x 40 x 24 mm
Packing: 1pc or 240pcs/box

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