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New LED adapters SYL1460

Newly in our offer you can find the power supply for LED applications as a wall mount adapter with changeable plugs. […]

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Desktop Power Supply

Desktop power adapters are indispensable as a source of DC voltage for an entire range of electronic devices. The provided power of 12 to 200W and output voltage from 5 to 56V covers the requirements of all typical uses. The principal areas of use are telecommunications, payment terminals and cashier systems, neon signs, diagnostic equipment, security systems and others.

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LED Drivers

AC power adapters for electronic LED appliances, such as luminous tape, designer lighting, neon advertising signs, etc. These sources have an output voltage from 5 to 80V and produce an output of up to 56W, fully conforming to the standards defined in standards EN61347, EN55015, and EN61347 with PFC functions.

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Car adapters

Power adapters for cars and lorries for typical electronic devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc. Output voltage ranges from 5 to 24V and power up to 90W (at typical voltage inputs).

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Power cables

AC two-pin (C7/8) and three-pin (C5/6, C13/14) power cables for desktop adapters corresponding to IEC standards in various countries (e.g. European, English, American, Australian, Brazilian, and others) with the most common types of connector "∞, PC and Mickey Mouse".

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Extension cables

AC/DC extension and adapter cables for power adapters with various types of connector, respectively with the option to connect to terminals, switches, power supplies for a large number of devices, etc. The range of length offered is 0.2 m to 4 m, or according to the customer's request.

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A comprehensive range of connectors designed for mounting printed circuit boards and an amount of reductions enabling quick adjustment to an output connector (e.g. from the typical 2.1x5.5) to some of the less typical types. These parts are indispensable for connecting all devices with incompatible output.