SUNNY Computer Technology Europe was set up as a distribution point for European customers in order to make everything much easier for doing business

2014 - Development and marketing of new LED Driver SYL1460 with EN55015 and EN61547 certifications.

2013 - The idea of re-establishing the company SUNNY Technology USA corp. in the American continent.

2012 - New representative head office of Sunny Europe.

2011 - Launch of the new series of power supplies with interchangeable plugs SYS1460.

2010 - Research & Development leading to the production of K.21 power supplies and LED Drivers was initiated.

2009 - Efficiency level V accomplished. Successful entry into the Telecoms market.

2008 - LED Power Supply Dept. established, promoting R&D, OEM and Production of relative LED Power Supply products.

2007 - ISO14001 scheduled for certification, by the 3rd quarter of 2007 the production capacity is 2kk per month.

2006 - Relocation into the new plant.

2005 - EMI Laboratory set up.
Paperless Operation.
1st Lead free production processing started from Feb.
Besides the switching power supply, our manufacturing facilities also include cable, transformer, assembly processing and plastic injection processing.

2004 - Sunny Oceania offices were established in Australia and New Zealand. Sunny Europe was established in Brno – Czech Republic.

2003 - Factory expansion from 11,000 m2 to 21,000 m2.
Development and Manufacturing of 400 Watt Switching Power Supply for Industrial use, also engaged in the Research & Development of DC-DC Inventers.
Sunny Japan was established in Osaka – Japan.

2002 - Further Research & Development efforts lead to the manufacture of 300 Watt Industrial use S.P.S.U.

2001 - Production of Power Supplies for medical use and application.
Sunny USA was established in New Jersey – U.S.A.

2000 - Research & Development leading to the production of DC–DC Power Supplies was initiated.

1999 - Engaged in the Research & Development of High Wattage Power Supplies as well as processing Electric Ballast and Emergency Lighting Equipment.

1998 - Engaged in the Research & Development of new products. Also, other electric products including controllers for electric blankets were processed.

1997 - Sunny Computer Technology CO. LTD was established in July 1997